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"SAHANA INTERNATIONAL" [S1I] philosophy is quite  simple. The quest for excellence must not compromise the values  we were built on. This very philosophy is ingrained in everything we do.
In pursuit of our goal for a green and equitable society, we continue to explore new horvons. AIl of our actions take us one step closer to achieving the corporate vision.
AL SI we rely on our vest experience, as a global conglomerate to achieve consistent growth end enrichment.
Our core business domains, listed below complement each other. enabling us to offer holistic solutions


Trade, Distribution & Manufacturing is what modern-day commerce is all about. We have over two decades, evolved business models that not only bridge the gap of demand and supply at various geographies but also facilitate supply chain management.
We have successfully expanded our presence around the globe with 20 offices in India and 16 offices overseas Our global presence, aided with established supply chain management ensures availability of product at all locations for effective and timely service to our partners/customers.
Our Terminal in Hamriyah, UAE, shall only strengthen our efforts to service our customers/Enterprise Partners across the globe with first of its kund facilitis in the region, such as Distillation and Fractionation of class A/B/C products.
Our Integrated Complex at Digh port on the West Coast of India will consist of PVC and Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) production plan along with LPG botting in addition to mounded bullets for gas storage Dur conscious effort to evolveomplete supply chain model by creating a synthesm of various business models provides us a competitive edge over peers
Sun flower oils


Today, petrochemical products permeate the entire spectrum of everyday use products and cover almost every sphere of life, like clothing, housing, construction, fumiture, automobiles, household items, agriculture, horticulture, irrigation packaging medical appliances, electronics and electrical etc.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals is our most prominent business vertical for Trade, Distribution and Mariufacturing. We represent some of the renowned producers to distribute their products across the globe. We identify the needs of the producers and end customers and position ourselves to create value and open markets for them by offering our network and infrastructure for capitalization


sources its petroleum products from the world's largest refineries capable of unstinted supplies and quality. Sl deals in Heavy Distillates, Middle Distillates and Light Distillates
Light Distillates
Middle Distillates
Heavy Distillates


has been in the Polymer business for decades now. We work as Trade enablers, where we deliver quality products to our customers with fair realizations to our suppliers. This Win-Win situation enables us to forge ahead in the International as well as Indian Polymer markets. Our focus has always been end-customer oriented.
Commodity Polymers
Other Commodity Polymers


Commodity Polymers
Other Commodity Polymers
Styrenic Polymers


We have partnerships with gate-to-gate suppliers for distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and while we sell downstream to developing countries we have multiple source depots where we inspect goods through our various Officons and distribute to end customers across industry verticals in multiple geographies. 

Ferrous Metals
Non Ferrous Metals
Non Ferrous Metals


Demand for Rubber is ever increasing and with our expenence inTrade. Distribution and Manufacturing we have been able to Establish Major presence in the local indian rubber marckets. Our expenence in this is market has prompted us to verture into rubber estate acquisitions and estibilishing Our own Plantations not only in the Local Marcket but Orientations not only in the Local market but also internationally.
Nature Rubber
Synthetic Rubber
Nature Rubber
Synthetic Rubber
Heavy Distillates


Production and consumption of agncuturer commodities has a divence geographical distribution. Along with climate and comesponding types vegetation .the economy of a netion also influences the level of agricultural production.
Veg Oil
Veg Oil


Our strong presence of over two decades in the international market backed by impeccable commitment towards contractual terms and continuous off take of product baskets. our suppliers have propelled us to foray into both Raw & Intermediate and Finished fertilizers.
We have successfully ventured into NP-K fertilizers. Strong support from our suppliers backed by our global network and strong team of experienced Nitrogen Fertilizers Ammonia/Urea professionals ensure continuous and smooth execution of supply chain management to service our customers and suppliers alike, across the globe
Nitrogen Fertilizers
Phosphons Fertilizers
Nitrogen Fertilizers
Phosphons Fertilizers
Potassium Fertilizers

Modern day terminals expected to aadd More Value rather than just storage and distribution of products . the SI terminals Hemniyah freezone,sharjah,UAE Have its own facilities that are capable of :


These Value Add services enable us To :

SI is set up an Integrated Complex at Digh Port, situated on the West Coast of India. In addition to our manufacturing facilities for PVC and PMB along LPG Bottling this project will also have a captive power plant and mounded bullets for gas storage

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plant

Polymer Modified Bitumen(PMB) Plant

LPG Bottling Unit


At S1. we recognize the importance of the Industries and their requirements of inputs, in turn, it is our endeavor to service most of the inputs of the said Industry Verticals from any of our Business Verticals, thus offering a composite package of products and enhanced service.

The chart across lists the venous industry verticals we serve along with an indication of the business verticals that cater to them.

Business Verticals

Paints & coatings
Paper & Packings
Adhesive & sealents
Oil & Gas
Ersonal Care


We, at SI have focused our efforts on creating infrastructure with a keen eye to synergize it with inherent requirement of our other business domains for a sustained and inclusive growth

We have strategically located terminals with various tank size configurations, that are metallurgically vaned, for storing A/B/C class of products which include specialized tanks that require heating, refrigeration, commotion resistant's etc. We have State of the Art Logistics parks across the globe with a storage capacity exceeding half a million KL

We operate under our exclusive management Tank Terminals, Logistics Parks and Dry warehouses in LIAE/India with specific thrust on major port obies. We offer the following services to our partners

facilities :-

facilities :-

Alternative FUEL & ENERGY

Economic and environmental issues coupled with increased awareness and consumer concern towards achieving a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability has necessitated the need for alternate fuels to drive the energy cycle S1 had recognized the importance of alternative fuels in the early stage of Inception and endeavored its efforts to contribute to implementing it in venous manifestations

Besides having a strategic tie-up with venous land repositones, our own area of ​​cultivation for this purpose includes immense acres of land outside Asia as well as land in Southern states of India, the purpose of which is to ensure continuous and timely supply of raw material

Non-Conventional energy sources have gained prominence due to the environmental hazards from use of conventional sources of energy. 51 aims to be a partner in the process of nation building and do so in a sustainable manner. Towards the accomplishment of this objective: 51 is actively participating in the generation of energy through wind turbines and solar panels.


A wind turbine is a device that converts the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy. We have set up multitude of wind in interval states Addtional capacities in the process


SI is inclined towards solar as a source for renewable energy. We have already identified and procured land for a solar power plant in Tamilnadu, a state in southern India.


Agriculture has a prominent share in Indian economy and portrays composite well-being of the nation. We et Si believe in application of innovative measures and latest technologies and practices to boost organic farming produce and endeavor to maintain ecological balance

Our agro venture division has forayed into various spheres of agricultural activities and continues to contribute towards an ecologically balanced form of farming

Contribution of agricultural output towards economy is of paramount importance despite service sectors and manufacturing activities taking a forward leap. We have made a progressive foothold with our vanous products gaining popularity with measurable contribution towards agricultural produce per acre.


Application of structured information, and data collation & processing has become part of life today. Sufficient competition in today's business environment has necessitated the need for an informed application of practical solutions to complex problems. We at 51 see an opportunity to partner and assist our business associates by ensuring effective conversion of their data into informed knowledge, allowing them to concentrate on care competencies

We take pride in being appointed by GST Network Org as GSP (GST Suvidha Provider], a link between the taxpayer and Government of India. We are also associated with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India [ICA) and some of our early products, have been incorporated in their curriculum Our wide range of software provide complete business solutions across industries


Customized Solutions

We realize that our customer's success is integral to ours. When customers talk, we listen and respond immediately. A dedicated Customer Relationship Executive (CRE) acts as the one-point contact to service all the needs of our customers.

 Expertise & Knowledge Management

SI's team of industry experts integrates the latest market information through Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Software, specially designed to encompass our requirements most efficiently and effectively Swift Adaptability Our organizational structure is built to compete effectively in the ever-changing global market By embracing change as an opportunity for action, we respond effectively and efficiently

Swift Adaptability

Our organizational structure is built to compete effectively in the ever-changing global market. By embracing change as an opportunity for action, we respond effectively and efficiently


Our uncompromising quality standards dictate that we source only from world-renowned reputed producers Quality Promoting ethical practices, we encourage transparency and integrity towards our associates at every level.

 Expertise & Knowledge Management

Inclusive cohesion of business verticals and industry peers Inclusive Approach Verticals encompassing Up-stream and Downstream produces of the said Industry affords us an edge over peens


Global Network & Infrastructure

16 international offices and a self-owned storage terminal facility at UAE enables us to harness global business dynamics to our customers.

Robust Systems

A home grown ERP tailor made to fit SI documented processes and designed to have absolute control and monitoring, authorization matrices and an exhaustive MIS engine.

Structured Trade Finance (STF)

By leveraging our financing capabilities we undertake several structured products to support our enterprise partners

Quid Pro Quo (QPQ )

Innovative and flexible structures facilitating barter solutions, tallying etc the: further enhance our relations with business partners by positioning their product through QPQ

Enterprise Partners (EP)

A concept evolved from our business model. where we partner with customers to supply raw materials and take their finished goods to geographies they are unable to penetrate. creating a win-win situation We upgrade our status from vendor to partner it is nsk mitigation as we are a debtor and a creditor. we also add products to our besket of offering For the partner it is a steady supply of feedstock along with improved sales and entry into new markets

Risk Mitigation

Adoption of stringent mechanism of risk management and mysigation backed by a team of functional experts enables us to successfully thwart impacts of venous busineas risks like Price Volauity/Exchange Fluctuation/Geographical market forces etc .


State-of-the-art storage facility for A/B/C dass products Our UAE Terminal will have in-house distillation and repacking facilities

Distribution Network

Our Pan-inda presence with 20 offices, which are al stock points help un cater to our customers scheduled needs at different geographical locations on a " JIT boss

Synergy within Vertical

Our business verticals complement each other such that we are able to offer a basket of products and services to each industry vertical

Customer Relationship Executive

One point contact for al seformation and assets thus effectively and efficiently addressing needs of the customer et a single window smdar to that of a relatioraha officer in financial institutions Consistent and Continuous Supply Irrespective of market dynamics to cater to regular needs of our Customers on a consistent basis with standard Quelty of products/services ready iolability of goods, products respective of ongn and structured financial assistance as and where required


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